About Us

BlueSky Organics soil media and plant nutrients are 100% certified-organic and specifically formulated for producing the highest quality produce, fruit or flowering plants. BlueSky Organics – one of the largest organic soil media companies in the world with over 20 years of experience; Our team of scientists and experts have been testing and developing our specialized lines of organic products since the mid-90’s.

In our pursuit of crafting the finest organic growing mediums and amendments, we have learned to harness the power of nature’s ecology.  We believe in making organic cultivation easier to learn and access, while continuing to improve upon the standards of quality, yields and plant health when compared to traditional techniques of cultivation.

We only source the finest, premium organic materials and inputs in formulating our exceptional products. Our system is easy to use and suitable for growers of all skill levels; from seasoned – greenthumbs to green-beginners – start growing like a pro today.  When you grow certified-organic, you can trust that your plants are as pure and potent as possible.

Why We Do Organic

At BlueSky Organics, we strongly believe in the world-wide push for organic cultivation, and we want to share our products and knowledge with this movement. Using organic inputs and additives not only makes your plants healthier, but also brings us all closer to our roots and reduces our environmental footprint.  We are committed to a sustainable future, both in terms of how we conduct business and how we live our lives. Grow like nature intended.

Grow Up To Four Plants At Home