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The core of our organic system is this pre-fertilized Super Soil. Our team of experts have worked closely with industry leading growers to build a specifically formulated growing media that is packaged with 18 premium ingredients. Ingredients like mycorrhizal fungi, microbes, and beneficial bacteria boost the performance of your plants and yield some of the most cleanest, potent and aromatic plants.

This 40L bag provides enough soil for up to 4 plants.

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This community of soil microbes works hard to convert typically unavailable nutrients into plant-absorbable forms, allowing the plants to utilize them. This availability leads to higher performance, resilience, and quality. The BlueSky Organics Super Soil converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms which supplies precise nutrients for each stage of growth.

The BlueSky Organics Super Soil was created by growers, for growers. This high-quality grow media is packed with 18 premium ingredients and is designed for fast growing, heavy feeding plants. Simply Earth™ Super Soil is bio-inoculated with mycorhizzal fungi and beneficial microbes that boost your plants’ performance. The ideal air-to-water ratio promotes massive root growth and enables sufficient drainage.

Super Soil converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms, supplying precise nutrients for your plants. Super Soil is a high performance, resilient and fortified soil designed for all your fruiting and flowering plants.

This 40L bag provides enough soil for up to 4 plants. 

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For Nature, By Nature – 18 Premium Ingredients

  • Pre-Fertilized
  • Ready To Use
  • Excellent source of Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Balanced Air to Water Ratio
  • Excellent source of Minerals
  • Excellent Source of Amino Acids
  • Excellent source of Calcium & Magnesium (Time released)

All inputs and additives are on the National Standards of Canada’s list of Organic Production Systems – Permitted Substances. APPROVED FOR ORGANIC USE.

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